‒ an integrated web server for identifying functional RNA motifs and sites
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 Two steps to use RegRNA 2.0 :
  ▪ Step 1: Input an RNA sequence in fasta format, or upload a sequence file
  ▪ Step 2: Select which types of functional RNA motifs to be investigated
  ▪ Paratemter Setting: Alter the parameters, or use the default values

 Results explanation

RegRNA 2.0 provides map view (lable 1 ) and table view (lable 2) for predective results as show in figure below. The graphic predictive results are shown in map view region. The top-most graph shows the predictive ORFs, and the following graphs shows the predictive functional RNA motifs. User can see the brief introduction of a predictive motif, such as name, start/end position and binding factors, by moving cursor on the motif of interest, and a pop-up text box will be shown on the screen directly (Label 3). The further analysis and information, such as secondary structure with MFE of predictive motif regions and RNALogo graph of corresponding functional RNA motifs, are also provided on the web, and user can observe these further information by clicking on the motif in location map (Label 4). The details of predictive results can be obtained by click the left-most hyperlink in table view region (Label 5). Three numbers at the right side of GC-content ratio graph represents the highest, average and lowest GC-content ratio within input sequence.